Desktop Fay

Desktop Fay 3.5

Provides notifications about your reminders, email, and calculator

Desktop Fay is a funny but useful email client for your desktop. You can be notified of incoming emails directly on your computer desktop by means of a virtual secretary sitting in front of her desk next to the system tray.

Besides the email client, Desktop Fay includes on her desktop an alarm clock and calculator, which can be accessed with a click. From the beginning Desktop Fay helps you configure your email account step by step. Depending on the email account type, you may have to configure some parameters such as the outgoing server name, user name, password, etc. Among the email features included is an address book and a mailing lists generator. The email messages are shown on a list in the 'Email messages' window, where you can preview the messages' content - you can also open an email in a separate window.

You can move the position of Desktop Fay, run Desktop Fay on Windows Startup, and minimize the secretary after a certain period of time. The application allows you to set a specific date and time, and add a text note for the alarms. You can keep or remove an event. You can add sound and animation as well.

Roberto Jimenez
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